About Us

California Pension Administrators and Consultants, Inc. is an independent firm of retirement plan professionals. It specializes in design, implementation, administration, asset record keeping, and employee communication for all types of retirement plans.

Founded in 1968 as a financial services company to provide individual choice in asset selection for retirement plans, California Pensions services all types of employers ranging from professionals to non-profit organizations to governmental entities.

California Pensions staff is dedicated to providing a complete range of self-directed retirement plan services consisting of defined benefit plans (including cash balance) and defined contribution plans (including profit sharing, 401(k), 403(b), 457, new comparability, age weighted, and money purchase plans).

California Pensions has been involved with the retirement plan business since its founding in 1968. The firm and its sister companies, Pacific Pensions and Thrivia currently provide recordkeeping or administrative services for over 200,000 participants, totaling approximately $800 million in retirement plan assets.

As one of the oldest independent retirement plan administrators and recordkeepers in the nation, the firm prides itself on providing clients with creative and employer-specific solutions for their retirement program needs. Our knowledgeable staff consists of attorneys, actuaries and other retirement professionals are dedicated to assisting employers in getting the most for their benefit dollars.

Since 1995, California Pensions has offered its clients the option of daily valuation recordkeeping. California Pensions has made a commitment to providing plan sponsors and participants with a technologically sophisticated and cost-effective option for retirement plan administration. Utilizing some of the most advanced retirement technologies, California Pensions offers a multitude of interfaces for both participants and plan sponsors. California Pensions also has Spanish-speaking professionals available to help meet the client’s participant education needs.

Our Vision

To be a trusted part of the solution to help Americans retire with dignity.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing accurate and affordable retirement solutions for businesses and individuals via a variety of channels that best suit the needs of our client plans, their sponsors and their participants.


We look forward to providing our clients with the necessary tools to successfully fulfill their goals. We provide ranges leading-edge technologies and resources that can answer your questions.